Work Environment

Our company offers clean and noise-free working environment. In the summer months are the premises air-conditioned, in the winter months factory is appropriately heated.

On the first day of work, each employee receives corporate uniform consisting of t-shirt, cap, trousers, jacket and safety footwear. All employees are entitled to receive a defined amount of laundry detergent to keep the uniform properly clean.

We also provide to all employees a range of warm and healthy food served in cafeteria located inside the plant. Additionally during breaks, employees can use beverage and food vending machines located also in the cafeteria.

There is also a free company bus transportation for employees delivering them every day from two neighbor cities Vlašim and Ledeč nad Sázavou (via Zruč nad Sázavou).

The company also, through the organization of various company events, seeks to build and maintain friendly relations and corporate feeling within the company. For example, at the company Christmas party, every one receives a present and those with the least absence for a given calendar year also obtain some prize.

ASMO Czech is a company that constantly, and we believe that successfully, strives to improve the working conditions of its employees.