Main Products

ASMO Czech s.r.o. currently produces small electric motors that are used mainly in power window systems, car ventilation system and car air-conditioners.
We also deliver complete front glass wiper systems and several other automotive components.

Examples of our products:


Electric power steering, which assists driver when turning. The wheel steering assistance power is adjusted based on the situation and allows the driver to experience stable, but at the same time light handling of the car.

wiper motor
Motor & Link, Wiper

These are the main parts of car wiper system. Motor brings links into move, which results in swiping movement of wiper blades. Only properly operating wipers can sufficiently clean the windshield window of a car. Every car is different and therefore each wiper system must be uniquely designed in order to perfectly fit the shape of the front glass for ensuring a clear and safe view out of the vehicle.

power window motor
Power window motor

We produce very quiet and reliable motors for power window systems placed inside car doors.
Increasing number of car manufacturers is using our systems, so that customers can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant drive.

blower motor
Blower motor

Blower motor is very important product that ensures circulation of fresh air inside the car and thus increases comfort of traveling.