Environmental Policy


 ASMO Czech s.r.o. is a supplier of automotive small motors and systems within the automotive industry. Our target is to produce high quality products complying with high environmental protection standards. Our company keeps the environmental standards to protect environment for next generations.

  • The basic of the environmental care is an implementation of effective management system – i.e. environmental management system. ASCZ shall set an environment policy and take actions to achieve the environmental goal.
  • ASCZ observes legal rules and other environmental rules. To observe the rules, ASCZ takes active actions and improve processes continuously.
  • Continuous improvement of the production processes shall increase the improvement of the environmental profile. The newest technological and scientific findings, customer requirements and public expectation shall lead to improvement of production processes. ASCZ shall encourage using material which can be recycled or reused.
  • Systematic trainings to our employees shall increase the awareness of the responsibilities for environment.
  • All necessary information shall be provided to employees, public and legal organizations.
  • We shall enforce and develop our policy towards our suppliers (material, semi-finished goods, products and services) so that they shall comply with our environmental criteria.

For more detail please reffer to our Environmental Policy document as attached below:

ISO 14001